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APRIL 1, 2010 Skills Review

Football Side Step

Hurling Solo Run


The Solo: aka "toe-tap"


  The Fastest Game on Grass


The Crouch Lift: aka The Pick Up


DJ Carey Hurling Skills Video


Hand Pass (Fist Pass)

Stanford vs. Cal Hurling via ABC7News


See more Stanford/Cal video in the scroll after the conclusion of this video.


 The Shoulder


Here's a great resource from the GAA in Ireland (link):


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 Best 15 Football Goals of 2009

This space is reserved as a running video log of local and international great moments.

Here's the first: 1/29/2010, from 
gaabeo on YouTube

Northern California Hurling Final: Stanford vs. Cal 2009: Great commentary from Eamonn Gormley, North American GAA PRO and writer, regarding the collegian development of Hurling  and the foundation of the Games (at the end marker 6:50)