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OBJECTIVE: To develop the basic technical skills of football (catching and kicking) in a controlled competitive environment.


•More touches of the ball and playing time per player


•Develop scoring opportunities

•Competition setup 


•6- Aside Competition (1 goalkeeper, 2 backs, 1 midfielders, 2 forwards)  

•Squad of 12 players max

•Teams - combined grades

•28 minute games, four 7 minute quarters

•Every player must get min. of 2 quarters of play time

•Every team encouraged min 2 rookie players per squad 






•Play Commences with throw up in middle of field by referee

•The GK may advance 14 yard for a kick out.

•The ball may be carried for 4 steps and players are restricted to 1 bounce and 1 toe tap or 2 toe taps (see example) per possession before playing the ball.

•The ball may be lifted off the ground with the hands (i.e. Crouch Lift, see example), provided the player involved is on his/her feet.

•The player who is fouled takes the free kick from the hands and when an opponent fouls the ball e.g. over carries it, the player nearest to the ball takes the free. 

•When a free is awarded, the ball is to be given, on the full, to the player taking the free kick, if this does not happen the ball is advanced 5 yards. 

•When a team plays the ball over the sideline, the opponent nearest to where the ball crosses the line, takes the sideline kick from the hands.

•When a team plays the ball over their own end line, the other team are awarded a free kick from the 21 yard line.(in line where the ball went out)

•Opposing players to be at least 10 yards from the player taking a free kick, sideline kick, 21 yd kick or kick out. Free kicks should be no closer than 14yds from the opposing end line

•No Penalty Kicks (14 yard free kick) 

•Referee at his discretion may order and player to take the remainder of the quarter cooling down period. Substitutions may be allowed during this time.

•Quick Touch Ball to be used

•Goals equal Points 


Yellow and Red Cards the following apply:

•1 yellow card- Player out for rest of 1/4 (sub is allowed)

•2 Yellow cards- Player out for the remainder of the Game (no Sub allowed)

•Red Card- Player out for remainder of the Game and could be more depending on Referee’s report and Hearing.