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What should we bring?
Football/Hurling Camogie gear + SF jerseys
- Comfortable shoes - CYC can involve a good amount of walking/standing
- Travel First-aid kit, advil, etc.
- Cooling towels, mini-fans, sun umbrellas <= Chicago can be hot and humid late July
- Phone, chargers for phone
- Sunscreen, hats, visors, lip balm, sunglasses
- blankets, towels to sit on or mini-chairs
- Swim gear - hotel has indoor pool
- Book or earphones for the 30 minute bus rides each day to/from fields
- Cash, ATM card, credit card, ID
- Purchase water, fruit, snacks after landing for hotel/bus/fields.  Hint: Breakfast foods in room are handy if always running behind.  Late night snacks/water, too.

What about food/drink at fields?
there will be water at field for all players and coaches
-there will be food and beverage for sale - basic fair food
-you can pack a lunch if you want - no alcohol or glass on fields
-there is clubhouse bar on-site, presumably open

What if we want to go sightseeing in downtown Chicago?
-Kids are exhausted at end of day with 8am games next day
-The CYC games are in a suburb of Chicago.  Recommendation is to extend your stay by a day or two + stay in downtown hotels before/after CYC.  Some families with teens will extend and visit Chicago area colleges.

More questions?
If you have any questions on travel, please contact IFHYL board member Mark Burke at