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Ground Transportation:
-You are responsible ($):  airport transport to/from hotel in Oak Brook, IL (under 30 minutes)
- $30 one way in a "suburban cab" like American Taxi
- If you hail a "city cab", your fare may be much more
-American Taxi:  You can guarenttee a flat rate by scheduling a pickup before your trip online or by phone.  Information HERE.
How to get to/from CYC Fields from hotel?
-CYC 2016 offers FREE buses to/from hotel to CYC field locations July 28 through July 31.  No tickets required.  Buses run from early morning to last game.
-Car rental not required, but if you do rent a car, there may be parking restrictions and/or fees at CYC fields.  Parking at the Marriott Oak Brook is complimentary.  There is a Hertz desk inside the Marriott Oak Brook.
Why take the CYC hotel buses to/from the field?
-Relax and enjoy the ride
-No pressure to drive under any circumstance
-It is what most CYC families do and is part of the experience
Why even consider renting a car?
-More flexibility to move between hotel and fields
-Covers your RT transport from airport to hotel
-Option to shop for food/drink or get away from hotel/fields for other food options
-Note: even if you rent car, other family members can still use CYC bus in a pinch
Cost-saving idea?
-Rent one car with multiple families.  Use a combination of rental car and CYC buses to get around.
But, for cost reasons and because of potential parking logistics, most SF CYC families will rely on the CYC bus and NOT rent a car
Is UBER in Chicago?  Yes