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Air Travel:
Fly to:
- O'Hare (Marriott direction: 15 miles SW of airport)

- Midway (Marriott direction: 20.1 miles NW)
- Both airports are less than 30 minutes to Marriott Oak Brook hotel
-Why O'Hare airport? More flight, car rental (if desired), and transport choices.  Slightly closer to Marriott in Oak Brook, IL
-Why Midway airport? Smaller airport + availability of Southwest
-Why Southwest?
If anyone needs to cancel, you receive a one year credit with no change fee
-Book now and take advantage of fare drops later, if available, by updating flight with lower fare and no change fee<=keep any eye on fares after booking!
-Summer Fare sales? Summer fare sales are often in late March/early April.
-Who pays? Air Travel is paid out-of-pocket by CYC families, but player cost is often partially offset by travel stipend from SF's IFHYL ($ amount pending approval)
Is your child trying out for the U16/U18 NACB County teams?  
- Players invited to 2016 NACB County camp need to fly into Midway airport on Monday, July 25, 2016 in enough time to make a 6pm meeting at hotel.   Contact if any questions on travel arrangements for this camp.